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Hi. Well, nothing to say.
I think i'll just reblog stuff.
Jul 18 '14


1) Miracle Man by Gerald Parel on Tumblr

2) Harry Potter by Euclase on Tumblr

3) Mathilda by Massimo Carnevale on Tumblr

4) Buffy Summers by blakravell on Tumblr

5) Unstable Peter Bishop by syllirium on Tumblr

6) Dylan Dog by Felix Petruska

7) Sherlock Holmes by lasse17 on Tumblr

8) Hugh Dancy as Will Graham by thetuxedos on Tumblr

9) The Joker by Sam Spratt on Tumblr

10) Dr. Octopus by Kaare Andrews

Jul 18 '14


Funny and creative restaurant names 

The Codfather….

Jul 18 '14
Jul 18 '14
Jul 7 '14

Selfie time!!!


Selfie time!!!

Jul 7 '14



There are children on this website.

I’m about to cry.. seriously.

Jul 7 '14


1) Orfani by Massimo Carnevale on Tumblr

2) Long Wei by Lorenzo Ceccotti aka LRNZ

3) Rat-Man by Leo Ortolani & Larry Ortolani

4) Donald Duck as Paperinik (Duck Avenger) by Gabriele Dell’Otto

5) John Doe by Davide De Cubellis

6) Gea by Luca Enoch   via

7) Dylan Dog by Gigi Cavenago

8) Diabolik by Giuseppe Palumbo

9) Don Zauker by Daniele Caluri

10) Sacro/Profano by Mirka Andolfo on Tumblr

Jul 7 '14


"We go forward."

Created by owlturdcomix 

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Jul 6 '14
Jul 2 '14
Otters . Because cuteness.

Otters . Because cuteness.